Journey to the SoulSurfcamp

Surfcamp Portugal

What is the best way to travel to the SoulSurfcamp Portugal?

Normally you are going to Portugal by plane. You will find a lot of cheap flight all over Europe to Portugal especially to Lisbon. If you need some help finding a good and cheap connection please get in touch with us.

Journey description SoulSurfcamp Peniche Portugal

Generally there are 3 different ways to travel to our Surfcamp: airport shuttle, public transport (bus) or rental car. For those who travel on their own or using a rental car to the Surfcamp Portugal, here is a way description:

  1. On the A8 take the exit and go ahead on the IP6 to Peniche.
  2. Your passing 2 roundabouts. Go ahead.
  3. Take the first exit right on the 3. roundabout in Peniche to Ferrel.
  4. There is a big parking lot appearing on the left and the street makes a 90° turn. Keep on that street.
  5. After 200m a supermarket Super Lagide appears on the left.
  6. After that turn left.
  7. At the end of the street you will arrive the SoulSurfcamp on the right.

Airport shuttle to the SoulSurfcamp

Either you will land in Lisbon or in Porto. Lisbon is a way easier, shorter and cheaper. So we recommend flying to Lisbon. We are offering both. The more people using that service the cheaper it will be.

Shuttle from/to Lisbon: 120,- € (incl. return for max. 6 persons)
Shuttle from/to Porto: 250,- € (incl. return for max. 6 persons)

With public transport to the SoulSurfcamp

The cheapest way to get to Peniche and to our Surfcamp Portugal is the public bus. A few times a day a coach (with wifi) is going directly from Lisbon. We are offering a free pick up service from the bus station Peniche to the Soulsurfcamp and back.

Here you find the schedule Lisbon – Peniche:
Bus schedule lisbon


With the rental car to the SoulSurfcamp

The elegant way to travel to us is going be rental car. It is very famous for tourists traveling through Portugal because it is pretty cheap. To find the best rental car visit comparison sites or get in touch with us. We help you out.