Skateboarding & Longboarding

Soul Surfcamp Portugal

Skateboarding at the SoulSurfcamp

A great balance to surfing is skateboarding and longboarding. The body movements between surfing and skating are very similiar and therefor help to get a feeling and control over your board.

Whether you prefer a fun park or just rolling down the hills of Portugal- there‘s great fun for everybody!
Peniche itself has a concrete skate park with a mini ramp, a few handrails and a funbox. Surrounded by palm trees and greenery the park is the perfect place for a relaxing evening roll-around.

The most interesting skate park you‘ll find in the neighboring town of Lourinha. The concrete park is only 20 km from our surfcamp and offers several bowls, hand rails, gaps and much more! Check out the „Concrete Jungle“ yourself!
For all skateboard enthusiasts we offer a shuttle service several times a week to get you to the park for a few hours. We‘re happy to give you some advice or show you how to roll through the bowl. Protective equipment can be provided on request.


Longboarding at the SoulSurfcamp

Longboarding evolved from skateboarding – the difference is mainly in the length of the board, the size of the wheels and axles. Many people use their longboards as transportation, for instance to get themselfs and their skateboard to the nearest skate park. Others use their longboard for free riding or to just race down some hills.

The Portuguese landscape is perfect for longboarding. We‘ll do several trips to remote roads in the area around Peniche/Baleal. Our guides will show beginners the basics (how to get started, how to take turns and how to brake), the advanced skaters can go on their own. We‘ll always wait for you at the foot of the hill and take you back to the top or to a different spot. A tour takes about 3 hours and includes transportation, longboards and protective equipment.


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