The Surfspot Peniche

Peniche is located on a peninsula, which is characterized by a high cliff that slopes gently down to the sea in the harbor area and at the northern end.
At Cabo Carvoeiro, the westernmost point of the peninsula, there is a beautiful old lighthouse where you can see the island group of Berlengas lying in the ocean. A path of steps leads from the coastal road to the cave Gruta da Furninha.
South of the peninsula the vast sandy beach Praia do Medao extends.The part called Praia dos Supertubos is right next to the city and because of its tubular long waves and its sandy subsoil, Supertubos is one of the best surf spots in Europe, especially as the walls of the harbor offer protection against the disturbing north wind. Also in the north: a fine sandy bay stretches over 5 km to Baleal, where many surfers can be found.

And what is completely unknown to many, the three bays and a lagoon nearby are perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Whether shallow or water wave – Baleal and Peniche offer both.


Surfing in and around Peniche

Peniche is one of Europe‘s best surf spots. Besides the spot Supertubos, which is known for its tubular waves and the annual Surf Contest RipCurl Pro Supertubos, the surf experience spreads over many more great beaches.
Close to the SoulSurfcamp you‘ll find the bay Cantinho Da Baia, a beach break which extends over the area between Peniche and the Baleal peninsula. Right on our doorstep we‘ve got the surf spot Lagide, a reef break known to many surfers. This surf spot is near the Baleal peninsula just across the Cantinho Da Baia.
Our home spot is legendary too and runs great most of the time! Whether left or right waves- the Silver Coast offers you everything!
And those spots are interesting for the SoulSurfcamp, as all of them are within walking distance. They offer waves for surfer of every level of performance and therefor are an ideal territory for surf lessons, where we use the power of white water waves and advanced surfers can easily start clean waves from the lineup.
Of course there are many different surf spots along the Silver Coast of Portugal, which we can get to by car within a few minutes.
If you‘re an advanced surfer it‘s worth to attend the Surfguiding to explore the best spots and for some helpful advice from our surf guides. Don‘t hesitate to ask!